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ABC Wedding Cake Information

We use only the finest ingredients available to us. We use French and Belgian chocolate and the best in-season fruit we can find. All of our cakes are made from scratch. We offer many elegant designs and often finish the cakes with fresh flowers (usually in collaboration with your florist).

Prices vary for our Wedding Cakes and are determined by the style of the cake not the flavor(s) you choose. We also offer delivery to your event; costs vary depending on location.

We work with many local florists and wedding coordinators. Please see our recommendations for more information.

Call or email Alexis Handelman at 707-258-1827 for more information.

Choosing a Wedding Cake

Choosing a wedding cake is not an easy task, below you will find some of our favorite cakes that are enjoyed by our clients. If you have any questions or dietary needs that must be met, please don’t hesitate to email or phone us.

The White Chocolate Almond Cake with Fresh Berries
This is a 3 layer cake. The cake layers are made of ground, toasted almonds, ground white chocolate and whole eggs. This cake is made without flour. It is dense, and moist, but surprisingly light. The first Filling layer is a full layer of fresh berries (strawberries from February until June, raspberries from June through November). In December and January, we offer candied cranberries. The second filling layer consists of a berry cream made with sweetened whipped cream and berry conserve. The cake is frosted with white chocolate buttercream

The Chocolate Caramel Cake
This is a 2 layer cake. The cake layers are made of a rich dark devil’s food. The middle filling layer consists of a layer of chocolate truffle, a layer of homemade caramel and a layer of toasted almonds. The cake is frosted with either semi-sweet chocolate buttercream or white chocolate buttercream.

The Apricot Pistachio Cake
This is a 4 layer cake. There are 4 thin layers of a yellow cake, each of which are brushed with an orange syrup. The first filling layer consists of a layer of vanilla buttercream and a layer of chopped pistachios. The middle filling layer is made up of a pureed apricot filling The third filling layer is vanilla buttercream. The cake is frosted with white chocoate buttercream.

The Carrot Cake
A traditional 2 layer carrot cake filled and frosted with lemon cream cheese frosting. Moist and delicious – a real crowd pleaser!

The Light Cakes
We also offer cakes made with layers of sponge cake, pastry cream, whipped cream and fresh fruit. These cakes are available where refridgeration is plentiful and during the summer months, when the cake is served indoors.