Alexis Baking Company, ABC Bakery, Napa, CA


Alexis Baking Company has catered all kinds of events from intimate dinner parties of 4 to large school events of 400. All menus adhere to our fervent policy of using only the freshest and highest quality in-season ingredients available to us at the time of your event. Please call or e-mail with an inquiry and we’ll do our best to get you a menu and quote as quickly as we can!

Quotes upon request.

Box Lunches:
These can be picked up or delivered (there is a fee for delivery, please inquire) They are available in two formats:

  • Clear Clamshell Boxes $14.95 each Contents: 1 Focaccia Sandwich – 1 Salad – 1 Cookie or Bar Plastic utensils and napkin
  • Barn Boxes $19.95 each Contents: 1 Focaccia Sandwich – 2 Salads – 1 Cookie or Bar Plastic utensils, napkin, salt and pepper and a moist towelette

Sandwich Selection:

  • Smoked Turkey and Cucumber Focaccia Sandwich
  • Ham and Cheese with Orange Ginger Mustard Focaccia Sandwich
  • Fresh Veggie with Smoked Gouda and Herbed cream cheese Focaccia Sandwich

Salad Selections
Fresh Fruit Salad * Marinated Vegetable Salad * Pasta, Potato or Grain Salad – only one of these are made each day!

Cookie Selections
An assortment of any of the fresh baked cookies and bars that we make or you may choose one particular kind.

Breakfast Caterings
These can be picked up or delivered (there is a fee for delivery, please inquire) We can offer a variety of morning pastries such as muffins, scones, tea breads, coffeecakes,brioche morning buns and bear claws. At this time they vary in price from $1.95 per piece to about $2.95 per piece.They are also available in small formats. We make fresh fruit salad everyday – $5.95 per 8oz serving We make fresh squeezed O.J. everyday- $1.75 per 6oz serving Coffee may be purchased by the airpot for $13.95 in regular or decaf and it comes with cream, a variety of sugars and sugar substitutes and wooden stir sticks. We also offer a variety of quiches and frittatas as well as breakfast burritos, chilaquiles torta or our famous breakfast sandwiches should you wish an entrée. Smoked Fish – Salmon, Trout etc. with cream cheese, capers and red onions along with Brioche Toast is also available.

Lunch and Dinner Caterings
ABC is pleased to offer a wide variety of choices to meet any need you may have for drop-off, take out or on site catering. We tailor these events to your specific requests and suggest that you take a look at our handy checklist to best determine what those needs might be!